The Millennium Bug - Y2K SO Plane

These are some quick photos of our Y2K Science Olympiad "Wright Stuff" entry. This design supports both the division B and division C versions of the plane (Just remove the wheels and build it a little heavier for the Division C kids).

If you want to build your own, Here's the Drawings. They're in PDF format so you need the adobe acrobat reader to view and print them. They're set up to print on legal size paper.

483 x 408
Here's a top front view. The wingspan is 50cm, main wing chord is 12cm. Stabilizer span is 35cm. The stabilizer could be a little smaller if desired. Main wing camber is about 6%, stab is 4%.

544 x 297
Here's a side view. The bottom of the stab has a "runner" made out of 1/16" balsa. This prevents the wing from dragging on the ground too much. The wheels are made from 1/16" balsa sheet with bushings made from small chunks of 1/16" aluminum tubing.

510 x 227
A rear view showing the tilt of the stab. This, along with a slight offset of the tail boom, makes the airplane turn left in about a 20' diameter circle.

476 x 361
Top view showing the offset of the tail boom. it doesn't have to be much, in fact, some will suggest a straight boom with only the stab tilt to provide turning momentum.

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