Marcel's Freeflight page

This is my Free Flight Home page. Welcome.

I've just started this hobby in March of 1998, at the challenge by my daughter's Science Olympiad Coach to aid the getting a "propellor propulsion" team together. It's been interesting, and so much fun that I've taken it up as a hobby myself.

I'm mostly interested in rubber powered, indoor free flilght, and have designed and built a few planes. The most challenging and most fun so far have been my attempts at really really small planes. On this site, I've got some information ot two of them. The first is my MicroPlane. The smallest so far is my NanoPlane.

I'm working on getting images of all my stuff here, so this site will grow as I do.

Science Olympiad

I'm involved with the Science Olympiad for Junior High Schools. The event is Propellor propulsion and heres' the design we're building. Best times to date are over 2 minutes.

The SO Plans shows plans for the plane They're rather large.

I've also got a page of Katie and Dad with our planes during a session with the Boeing Hawks. Take a look.



Well, It's 1999 and we're getting ready for the Y2K version of the Science Olympiad competion. Here's a peek at our design for this year, the Millenium Bug




I've had a lot of fun building tools for this hobby as well. I'll post information, plans, and pictures etc as I have time...

Dual Beam Balance: This is my primary scale for the light stuff right now. It has a full scale capacity of 2.1 grams without extra weights, and a resolution of 1 mg.